New Posts:

Cominktober 01 :: First Contribution to the Inktober/Comictober prompt lists for October!

ComInkTober 02 :: Second contribution to Inktober/Comictober prompt list


I also reposted 22 participation posts from 2018 and 2019 for the Inktober/Comictober drawing events. I cheated and back dated the posts to when they were originally shared. They can be found on the ComInkTober page (linked below)

No D&D this week (Insert Sad Face Here). We’re working on rescheduling round people’s new work schedules. It’s likely to be Saturdays now, instead of Thursdays. 

New Pages:

ComInkTober :: A landing page for participation on the ComInkTober drawing event.


Doodles :: A landing page for comics, art, and other doodles.


It’s Inktober! 

And Comictober!

Which means it’s Com-Ink-Tober!!

I’m going to try and do a doodle a day this month and actually finish a full list. I’ve participated 2 years in a row now and the most I’ve accomplished was…. 15? In one year? IDK.

This year I’m getting serious. My beloved spouse, Red, bought me an Copper Feather Quill pen set from Italy as an early birthday present to help support me in this Inktobery time. You can see it on my instagram (along with a whole bunch of Enamel Pins because I have a problem).