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ComInkTober 3 – 9 :: All new contributions to ComInkTober can be found on the ComInkTober page


The Village :: A D&D Once Shot, recapping the FIRST game played by The Crew


No D&D this week (Insert Sad Face Here). We’re working on rescheduling round people’s new work schedules. It’s likely to be Saturdays now, instead of Thursdays. 



I just scanned my whole sketchbook. It’s mostly doodles from an attempt at a “Year Of Drawing” challenge, and I’m considering sharing them all here.

I have also found a few more comics I drew, including the first 3 pages of M.A.Z.E. (Monsters, Aliens, Zombies, Etc.) which I will also be trying to post soon.



D&D sessions are being moved from Thursdays to Saturdays, so I will either move my Updates to Mondays, or keep them on Fridays and just be almost a week behind D&D updates.



I’ve had some thoughts about starting a Podcast. I had an idea while driving today of a story-telling podcast featuring user generated stories and user submitted voice acting. It would essentially be a full cast radio show where the story, actors, director, editors, and sound effects would all be done by the listeners and fans.

I have no idea how to get something like that off the ground… I don’t know anything about podcasts, or about creating social communities where people submit work and contribute creatively… I’m used to just doing everything myself.


So, that’s what I’m up to. If you have any questions or comments, or ideas, feel free to drop a comment.

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