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Lochinvar 13 :: The Crew explores One Eyed Willow’s Island, searching for Nomra’s Soul Jars.

Lochinvar 14 :: The Crew return to their ship, but it’s not how they left it.


Relating to D&D, we have a new Homebrew rule for acid damage.

Roll the damage die for the initial acid damage, and leave the die on that number. Each round, the character suffering from acid damage can make a Constitution save equal to 10+X where X is the number on the damage die. On each of the affected character’s turns the damage and the DC is reduced by one until it eventually drops to 0. If they succeed on a Con Save then they immediately negate the effects of the acid and take no further damage.

So, like, if I deal 1d6 Acid damage to another character then I roll a d6. I roll a 5 and they take 5 damage. The next turn, they roll a 13 con save, which is lower then 15 (10 + 5 damage), so I move the number down to 4 and they take 4 points of damage. Next turn, they’d have to beat a 14 Con Save or take 3 points, then 2 points, until the damage hits 0 or they roll higher than the save.

There’s nothing else worth mentioning right now, except, perhaps, that I think I am well prepared for NaNoWriMo this year.

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