Zeds 3.2 Chase

A half mile past the welcome sign we find the first evidence that the town was, in fact, not spared; several vehicles rest, abandoned on the side of the road with doors wide open. Some of the windows are broken in a few of them, and one hood is smeared with blood. There are no bodies… there are never any bodies. Not even the ones that stay dead; it’s as though they all just disintegrate in the sun.

Oh, those are some nice cars! Nice cars are much better things to think about than missing bodies. Let’s see; Merc, Merc, Beemer, Lambo… is that a Rolls? Nice. I would happily trade my RV for any of those if I didn’t need the extra passenger and storage space.

I lead the convoy around a bend in the road and then suddenly we’re in town. It feels like a very spread out suburbs with very large walls and fences. Every gate has some elaborate monogram blocking a lengthy driveway leading up to giant mansions. I can’t help but notice that a lot of the gates seem to be damaged; either pushed in torn down.

“I think we just discovered some secret society for the super rich,” Charlie crackles over the radio.

I follow the road as it curves through the hills and past dozens of houses. A few roads turn off on the sides but they’re smaller. The one we’re on seems more like a main road so we stay on it. Eventually, another corner lands us in the proper part of town as a row of storefronts line the road on either side. The buildings all seem new and modern. I can see a grocery store straight ahead where the road T-sections, I just passed a sporting goods shop, and there seem to also be a few coffee shops and cafes, art supplies, a gas station on the corner, and several other restaurants. Fr the most part, this whole area looks clean and unmangled.
I stop in the middle of the road; no need to worry about a parking ticket… or someone trying to pass me.

“Where are we?” Luke stumbles up from the back, through the RV and leans over the dash to peer outside. “I thought city’s weren’t safe?”

Claire exits the room at the back, yawning and stretching her arms overheard. “Morning,” she says as she passes by and exits the RV.

“It’s not really a city,” I say to Luke as I smile and nod at Claire. I notice the little group already gathering outside as the door closes behind her. “Come on, meeting time.” I nudge Luke toward the door then get up to follow him outside.

Author: CJ Stark

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