Zeds 5.1


“Woah,” I say as  the door to the sporting goods shop swings open. Nothing is out of place in this store. Not a single rack or shelf is in disarray; even the golf balls are stacked neatly.

“Shit, Chase,” Lucy says as she rises. She had crouched before the door to force it open with a screwdriver. “This place is pristine.”

“Yeah, it’s pristine. They didn’t even lower the gate over the door. Hey, check it out!” I raise my hand and point across the shop to the back wall. A selection of hunting rifles line the back wall, locked inside a security case. Lucy makes a beeline for the case, through the racks of fancy looking hunting jackets and pants with far too many pockets. She rattles at the cage as I check out the pants.

“It’s locked,” she tells me.

“Those sorts of things tend to be,” I reply, unhelpfully as I find a pair of shorts in my size. “Hey, what size does John wear?”

“36, I think? I’m just guessing though.” She turns away from the cases to search through the drawers behind the counter. “Come help me find the keys.”

I nod and abandon the clothes rack. Instead of heading to the counter, I decide to have a genius idea and instead head to the golf clubs. I select a lovely 9 iron- or 3 iron? Is 3 iron a thing? I don’t know golf.I  select a club with a lot of heavy metal at the end of it before coming around the counter to the gun case.

“Oh, look at that,” I say. “I found the key.”

Im fairly certain I hear Lucy say a few words about something-proof glass, but I don’t hear her over the loud thunk of my club smacking into the glass. My arms rattle as the entire force of my swing reverberates through them. I stand there for a few seconds, aware that Lucy is shaking her head smugly at me from the corner of my eye, then slowly lower the club. I flip the club over and use it as a cane as I turn my back to her.

“Wrong key,” I mutter, then open the nearest drawer to help her search.
We find an office behind the gun display and ransacked it. There are no keys, but we do find a heavy safe between a desk and the back door. Lucy suggests that the keys are likely in the safe, or with the owner, but since neither of us know how to crack a safe, or who the owner is, it’s probably better to just try and break the case open. I open my mouth but she cuts me off quickly by suggesting that we break the case in an intelligent fashion, and not like chimpanzees with rocks.

I shrug and she heads back to the front of the store. I take it upon myself to try and defeat the safe: sitting before it and pressing my ear to the door as I turn the dial. I can’t hear anything… I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to be listening for. They make it look so easy in the movies!

After a few minutes of turning dials and hearing nothing, I choose to give up. I seat myself at the desk and root around in the drawers for a bit. Finding nothing of interest, I lean back in the chair and look around. It seems to be a fairly normal office: a file cabinet rests in a corner of the room, there’s a big calendar on the wall, beside that is a large corkboard with a bunch of papers pinned to it. I stand and investigate the board.

A few photos stand out on the board. I assume they’re family of the owner. A mixture of signed papers are scattered across the board and I recognize a few of the legible signatures as celebrities. I Pocket a few of them, then curse quietly as I notice a yellow note with a string of numbers.

“Wow… That seems a little too convenient,” I say as I pull the paper with the safe combo on it. I crouch by the safe and spin the dial again. The safe opens and I step back to admire my findings; a handgun, a few stacks of cash, and a set of keys. “Hell yeah.”

I grab the keys and head back up front to join Lucy.

Author: CJ Stark

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