Zeds 5.3

Lucy is waiting for me by the back door when I reach the office. Se sees me, gives me a disapproving shake of the head, then ducks out and runs. I hurry across the room, reach the door, and immediately throw myself sideways and put my back to the wall as two of them run past.

Shit! They’re on her tail!

They spotted Lucy when she left, and worst of all we’re split now. My first instinct is to yell after her and let her know she’s got a tail, if she isn’t already aware, but that could turn them around upon me. Then I realize I have a locking office door and she doesn’t. I also remember the gun on my belt. I fumble with it for a second, then step out into the alleyway between the buildings just in time to see the last of THEM disappear around a corner.

“Hey! Shit weasels!” I yell. They either don’t hear me or they don’t care because they don’t even glance back at me as they stay their course. I notice the pounding at the front end of the store has become a bit more enthusiastic; at least someone heard me.

As I hurry down the alley, two more of the creepers run past the end of the alley, following after the first two. I catch up to the corner of the building just in time to see Lucy slam the door shut in John’s pickup. He always leaves the keys in the ignition in case of an emergency, so she manages to start the truck right up. Her foot finds the gas pedal just as one of the creepers leaps upon the bumper. It loses its balance as the truck lurches forward, and falls on its back on the asphalt. It doesn’t stop; it gets right back on its feet and gives chase.

Son of a bitch! She just ditched me!

No, that can’t be right; Lucy’s a hardass. She probably just assumed I would hold up in the store until she returned with help. That was my plan before I ran into the alley. She’s probably going off to alert John and Charlie… or… The Kids!

I throw back the door to the RV, climb inside, and kick the engine on. I shift into drive just as I hear the crash.

Author: CJ Stark

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