Zeds 5.4

I pull the RV up to the corner, take the golf club off the dash and exit the vehicle again. I run over and press my back against the wall as I lean to peer around the edge of the building. Lucy took the corner much too fast and crashed right into a pole; the front wheels are a foot off the ground, spinning. She must be unconscious; I can see her through the back window and she isn’t moving.

One of the creeps springs over the back of the truck into the bed, using the bumper as a vault. It slams into the back window, clambers to the roof and begins pounding on the ceiling. Another of them smashes the side window and drags her limp form through the opening. I watch in horror as they begin to beat her, smashing her into the ground and pulling on her like a sack of meat.

Everything in front of me happens faster than I can process it. It takes me a few seconds to remember that I have a weapon; but, I’m not a very good shot. I’ve never even fired a gun before. I would be lucky to hit one of them in the chest before the others fell upon me-

“HEY!” Someone yells. I peek around the corner again and see a stranger in the parking lot of the grocery store. He’s wearing a bathrobe and seems ungroomed. The beard and hair I understand but – fending off creepers in a bathrobe?

I don’t care; he’s distracting the creepers trying to tear Lucy apart. Two of them break off and give chase. Whoever that man was, he’s a hero in my book and I wish him luck. With only two left, I take my chances and move closer. Neither of them are paying attention to me as they’re pulling on Lucy’s motionless body. I work the gun out of my holster as I walk, bring up to the back of the head of the nearest creeper, and pull the trigger.

The gun flies out of my hand as the creeper falls forward. The gun flips backward over my shoulder and clatters on the ground. I curse and raise my golf club, meeting the second creeper with a full swing to its face as it throws itself at me. I smack it several times in the head until it stops moving, then move to check Lucy.

Lucy is dead.

“Son of a bitch,” I groan. I liked her. It’s probably best she’s dead, though, considering the condition she is in. I would hate for her to suffer, and we don’t have the medical ability to repair such drastic injuries.

My face burns and I can feel the emotional wave coming at me, but I can’t do this right now. This town is active, and I need to alert the others. I need to get to John and Chuck.

I run back to the RV, throw open the door and climb inside. I left the engine running, so I step on the gas. I plow over the curb and drive through the parking lot, chasing after the strange man in the robe and the two creeps that ran after him. I bounce over the curb back onto the street on the other side of the grocery store and see the man in the distance. He’s running toward the police station, and the creepers on his tail are gaining on him. I press the pedal down and give chase.
There isn’t a whole lot I can do to help the man from inside a vehicle, especially since I didn’t bother to pick up my gun. I should have!

Idiot! I berate myself. I grow nearer and nearer, as they get closer and closer to the man. They disappear around the final corner and I turn sharply to follow. I plow over the curb again, my right wheels feel like they’re lifting off the ground so I turn sharply to correct and keep myself from tipping. I hear the thump against the front of the RV, followed immediately by another, and a loud scream.

Oh shit, I hit him!

I shove the gear stick into Park and hurry out the door, my golf club raised in case the two creepers, or any others, are offering a threat; they’re not. One of them is dead under the RV, and the other is laying sprawled on the ground a dozen feet away at the end of a streak of blood. I must have hit him as he was jumping through the air and thrown him. He is moving, but not much. I think his lower half is paralyzed and only one arm seems to be working.

I look at the man on the ground, just a foot in front of the RV’s tires. He’s breathing. Thank god, I didn’t just kill him! He seems to be unconscious; maybe I did hit him? There are no other Creepers in sight, and I can’t move him on my own, so I hurry across the street to the police station to get Chuck and John.

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